Blunt. was created over the course of 6 long Northern Michigan Summers by active explorers, surfers, hikers, and friends made in Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

We know how hard it is to find the perfect bikini. Especially when 70% are made in China but disguised as all the same US companies, with the same models and the same pictures. And you don't know until it ships 20 days later, shows up in a black toxic smelling bag from China and ends up being 1-2 sizes too small than what you ordered. The worst part of all- you can't return it! 

 We wanted to create a local, comfortable swimsuit for active lifestyles that you can depend on. 

Whether you're boating on one of our Great Lakes, swimming, surfing, kite boarding, hiking the dunes or playing volleyball downtown Traverse City, this bikini can handle it all. Wake up, play, go out, sleep & repeat. Northern Michigan created Blunt for comfort and durability. 

Manufactured by hand in Michigan, with the highest quality USA fabric, the cut is 100% custom designed by Erika and supported by friends everywhere.

High Quality Nylon/Lycra durable blend. 

Very Small, handcrafted limited batches. 

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Photocredit: @gregoryj.olsenphoto

PR/Graphic Design: Ashleigh Ackerman @ashleigh.a15

Models: Aubrey Klinehart @aubrey.ak47

Meghan Cepela @megscepela

Kohl Hughes @live_n_let_live420


Creative Director & Designer: @erikamissamerika



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